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Re-Opening Payroll

Autosoft -

If you closed Payroll by mistake, you can easily re-open it by following these steps:

Step 1. Ensure that no one has done any payrolls since you closed for the year. If they have, those pays will have to be edited. For this reason, print out the payroll reports for those checks (the Pay Records All Employees report should list the check number, pay, and deductions).

Step 2. In the Autosoft drive on your computer (usually the S:\ drive), open the AD directory.

Step 3. Open the PRDAT folder and select all the files in the folder. Right-click on the selected files and click Copy.

Step 4. Return to the AD directory, right-click and click Paste. This will set the payroll files back to before they were closed. 

Step 5. Now that the payroll files are in the AD folder, copy the files again and paste them in a separate folder labeled "Closed Payroll" in case you need them.

Step 6. Open your Autosoft DMS, select Accounting, and from the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Payroll

Step 7. From the Dealership Payroll menu, select Maintenance

Step 8. Click Edit Employee Pay Data

Step 9. Use the Edit Employee Pay Records screen to enter any remaining pays for the year that you prematurely or accidentally closed. You will re-enter any pays that were done after that erroneous payroll closure in a later step. 

Step 10. When you've finished entering payroll for the year you want to close and are ready to close again, follow your normal payroll closing procedures. For assistance, consult the Payroll section in the Year-End Closing manual

Step 11. If any pays were run after the mistaken payroll closure, you will need to re-enter those now that the correct payroll closure was performed. 

Important:  You will want to wait to re-enter the pays you've done for the new year until you've closed the previous year and updated taxes (FICA, Medicare, Federal, and State) for the new year. This will ensure the correct deductions will be taken out/have been taken out of pays you've already performed for the new year. When you re-enter any pays you may have done for the new year after mistakenly closing the previous year, you can add or subtract from the actual check amounts to correct for any tax changes.

Step 12. When doing the next new pay, subtract or add to each employee's check to make up for any mistakes in taxing on the pays that were generated after the early payroll closing. Manual edit the deductions in the Enter Deductions screen. Be certain you remove your manual edits after that pay or set the T/P/1 field to 1 for that first pay after the correction. 



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