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Antivirus Advisory

Autosoft -

If you are experiencing slowness, errors, or data loss in your DMS, it could be associated with multiple causes: network speed, software incompatibility, viruses and malware, or even your antivirus program. Your antivirus program is designed to prevent malicious software from attacking your computer and network. However, it may also be restricting your Autosoft software from running properly.   

There are many antivirus programs, but most commonly we see Windows Defender (Microsoft Security Essentials). Please follow these instructions to set Autosoft to be excluded from being interfered with by this program:

Step 1. In the lower-right corner of your desktop screen, there may be an upward pointing caret (^ symbol). Click on the caret and click on one of these icons:


Step 2. Click Open.

Step 3. Select Settings.

Step 4. Click Exclude files and locations (Exclude a folder in Windows 10), and type these paths:

    • C:\ASIP
    • C:\ASITEXT
    • S:\AD (S: is the server drive to which Autosoft is mapped, and AD is the Autosoft directory. If you have multiple stores, this could be ADCH, etc.)

Step 5. Click on Exclude File Types and type these file types:

    • .DAT
    • .IDX
    • .FID

Step 6. Click Save Changes

This is just one example of antivirus software. Others may require more steps or that your administrator give certain access.

If you have any questions or issues with adding the above exclusions to your antivirus or malware program, please contact your dealership's local IT professional, as they may have the necessary administrative access. 



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