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Changing User IDs

Autosoft -

When you open the Parts Inventory module in the Autosoft DMS for the first time each day, the system will prompt you to enter your user ID. A User ID will already appear in the box, and if it's yours, you merely have to click OK. If multiple people use your workstation and you are in the habit of clicking OK without verifying that the User ID is yours, you may find later that your counter sales or line parts are listing the wrong user ID. 

Once you're in the Parts Inventory module for the day, you can still change the User ID so your ID appears on the work you do for the day. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1. Navigate to the Parts Inventory main menu. 

Step 2. Click the date and time at the bottom of the main menu. The pop-up will open for verification of the date, time, and your User ID. 

Step 3. Type your user ID in the User ID field.

Step 4. Click OK

Step 5. Resume work as normal, and your ID should appear in the relevant fields.

Step 6. When you first enter the Parts Inventory module the next day, if no one else has used the workstation, your user ID will auto-populate the User ID field. 





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