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Creating a Bonus Group

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Bonus pays can happen at any time during the year but are frequently used at holidays and year end.

To make bonus pays easier on yourself, instead of changing the Payroll setups for a one-off check, you may want to set up a pay group so the appropriate deductions are already preset in your system when it comes time for bonuses. The Bonus pay group is already an option in your system. Follow these steps to take advantage of the group. 

The Bonus pay group is already an option in your system. Follow these steps to set up the group:

Step 1. From the Dealership Payroll menu, select Employee Information.

Step 2. Select Employee Master File on the Employee Information menu.

Step 3. The Employee Information screen will open. Click the Employee List button to search for the employee you want to assign to the bonus group. Click on the employee to populate their information on the Employee Information screen. 

Step 4. Type the employee's group number in the Bonus Group field in the Group Assignment section. 


Step 5. If you want to break up the pay into different accounts or departments, do so here.

Step 6. To set deductions for the bonus pay, you can either set each individual employee's deductions on the Enter Employee Deductions screen or use the Set Deduction Flag screen to expedite things.

To set individual employee deductions, exit out of the Employee Information screen and the Employee Information menu to return to the Dealership Payroll menu, where you'll select Enter Deductions. Click List to select an employee from the search list. The customer's information will populate the screen. Use the fields to set the line deduction's R/P field to N (no) for any deductions you don't want to be taken out of the bonus pay. 

To expedite the setup of deductions for bonus pays, from the Dealership Payroll menu, select Setup, followed by Set Global Parameters. Click Set Deduction Flag, enter the deduction number in Set Deduction No. field and enter N in the To field. In the For Pay and Group pop-up, type B for the pay type and enter the group number that you set up for the bonus pay.  


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