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Understanding the Service Printer Parameters

Autosoft -

When printing Service forms, you'll use different printer drawers or trays for different forms. A

Access the printer setup for the Service module by following these steps:

Step 1. From the Autosoft DMS startup menu, select Settings & Utilities

Step 2. The File Utilities & Settings menu will open. Click Settings.  

Step 3. Click on the Service tab to use the Station Setup screen to set your Service printing parameters. Listed below are descriptions of each item for which you can assign printer parameters. Use the drop-down menu for each field to select the drawer or tray you want to use to

    • Hard Copy: Use this option to set where the hard copy of the service repair order will print.
    • Soft Copy: Determine where the customer copy of the finished repair order will print. 
    • Accting Copy: Set where the Accounting department's copy of the finished repair order will print. 
    • Warranty Copy: Determine out of which printer drawer or tray the warranty repair lines of the finished repair order will print.
    • File Copy: Use this option to set which drawer will be used to print a file and internal copies of the finished repair order.
    • Mirror Hanger: Select the drawer that will be used to print mirror hanger and pre-write information. This setting also controls voided repair order copy printing.
    • CSI/Cust. Copy: Use the drop-down list to select the printer and paper bin that will be used to print the CSI form and customer copies, including the customer copy of repair order hard copy if so desired.
    • Static Label: Determine which printer and drawer/tray will be used to print LOF labels.

These settings can be adjusted in the Copy Counts section of the RO printing tab within the Service module's Miscellaneous Parameters screen to print multiple copies or to skip printing an item altogether. 



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