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Resending a Parts Counter Slip to Accounting Integrated Parts Sales Screen

Autosoft -

You can resend your counter slips to the Accounting module's Integrated Parts Sales screen if necessary. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory main menu, select Setup & Updates

Step 2. On the Updates & Maintenance side of the System Setup & Updates menu, click Miscellaneous Maintenance

Step 3. The Miscellaneous File Utilities menu will open. Select Resend C/S To Accounting

Step 4. The Resend C/S To Accounting pop-up will open. Use the Starting With and Ending With fields to specify the range of counter slips you would like to resend to Accounting. 


If a counter slip number within the range you enter already exists in the general ledger, the system will replace the existing document with the one in the most recent update. If a counter slip within the range does not exist in the general ledger, the system will add the counter slip. 

Step 5. Notify Accounting that you have used this utility so an Accounting user can verify the counter slip numbers in the Integrated Parts Sales Entries before posting to the general ledger. Accounting can delete any slips that have already been sent to Accounting and posted to the general ledger.  

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