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Purging Stale Prewrites

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If prewrites were pulled to repair orders, the prewrites will be purged from the system when you perform the Service module's End of Day procedure. However, some customers will not be displayed, and the list may contain some older prewrites. You can run the Purge Stale Prewrites process to resolve this issue.

Step 1. From the Service Writing main menu, select Repair Orders

Step 2. The Repair Orders menu will open. Click Utilities

Step 3. Select Purge Stale Prewrites. A Purge Stale Prewrites pop-up will open. 


Step 4. Use the drop-down calendar in the pop-up to select the date you want to use as the cutoff point for the purge. All of the prewrites earlier than this date will be removed. 

Step 5. Click Go

Step 6. The system will prompt you to verify that you want to perform the purge. Click OK to continue. 


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