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Addressing Errors When Closing Trade Payables

Autosoft -

If you get an error or the Autosoft DMS gets hung up while you're closing the trade payables (accounts payable) for the month, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, select Utilities

Step 2. The Utilities menu will open. Click Audit Trails

Step 3. On the Audit Trails menu, select A/P Month-End Closing.

Step 4. An audit trail of the prior completed Accounts Payable month-end closing and the last completed closing will display. Check the status of the last completed AP month-end closing. 

Step 5. The final status of the last attempted or completed AP month-end closing will dictate your next step.

    • If the final status in the last completed closing audit trail reflects the current date and reads Update Complete, Exit from the View Audit Trail screen and continue with closing process without having to do anything additional.
    • If the status of the last attempted closing is Data Verification (with the current date), you'll need to rebuild the AAP.DAT and AAV.DAT files (exit to the DMS startup menu, select Settings & Utilities, click File Rebuild Utility, select Accounting, click on AAP.DAT, select Rebuild, then click AAV.DAT from the list and select Rebuild).
    • For any other status in the last attempted closing audit trail, first reset the AAP.DAT and AAV.DAT files (from the Dealership Accounting menu, select Utilities, click Reset Data Files, and select Reset Trade Payables Schedule) then follow the steps above to rebuild the AAP.DAT and AAV.DAT files. 

Step 6. Verify that all users are logged out of Trade Payables.

Step 7. Restart the month-end closing of Trade Payables. 


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