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Creating a Discount Code for an Entire Repair Order

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Use the Define Discount Codes screen in the Service module to enter discount codes. The discounts will then be available in a list on the Close Parts screen when creating a repair order. You can create two types of discounts: a discount to apply to the entire repair order or a discount to apply to a specific repair on a repair order

Step 1. From the Service Writing main menu, select System Setup

Step 2. Click Define Discounts on the System Setup menu. The Define Discount Codes screen will open.

Step 3. In the Discount Code field, type the discount code. The code can be up to four alphanumeric characters.  

Step 4. Use the Description field to type a description of the discount code. The description can be up to 35 characters long.

Step 5. Use the Discount Total R/O Customer Pay section to specify if the labor and parts discounts are a percentage or flat amount. 

If the discount is a percentage of the labor or parts amount, type the discount percentage in the Rate field of the Labor Discounts or Parts Discount subsection. 

If it's a flat dollar amount, enter the discount amount in the Amount field of the appropriate subsection. If you enter .01 as the labor or parts discount amount, you can manually edit the discount amount when applying the discount. 


Step 6. Use the Include Sublet And Shop Supplies With Labor Discount field to indicate if sublet and shop supplies should be discounted as part of the labor discount. Type Y for yes or N for no. 

Step 7. The Include GOG With Parts Discount field allows you to indicate if gas, oil, and grease should be discounted as part of the parts discount. Type Y for yes or N for no. 

Step 8. In the Discount G/L For Labor field, type the general ledger account used to post labor discounts. 

Step 9. In the Discount G/L For Parts field, enter the general ledger account used to post parts discounts. 

Step 10. Click Save to save the discount. The code is added to the Total R/O list on the top of the right column of the screen. 

Repeat Steps 3 through 10 for each total repair order discount code you would like to create. 

The discount codes you create here can be applied during the Close Service process, while you're on the Review and Print screen for the repair order you want to discount.


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