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Creating a Parts Quote

Autosoft -

You can easily create a parts quote for a customer. 

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory main menu, select Queries. The Parts Queries screen will open. 

Step 2. In the header of the Parts Queries screen, verify that the correct source is set. If it is not, click the header, and a menu of OEM parts sources will open. Click on the appropriate option to select it. 

Step 3. Type in the desired part numbers in the Part Number fields. 

Step 4. Click the Dump To button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5. The Dump To screen will open. Select Dump To Quote on the left side of the screen.

Step 6. A pop-up will open asking if you'd like to dump all parts in the list or only those parts in stock. To dump all parts, click All Parts. Click In Stock Parts to only dump those parts that are in stock. 

Step 7. The Customer Quote screen will open, populated with the information you dumped to it. You can type in the customer information or use the Customer List button to search for a customer. If you use the Customer List button, use the Parts Customers Only tab or All Customers tab at the top of the pop-up to locate the customer for whom you're creating the quote. Use the letters along the right side of the pop-up to search for the customer. Click on the customer's name to select it. The customer information will populate the Customer Quote screen. 

Step 8. Enter through the required fields remaining at the top of the screen. 

Step 9. Click Print & Save

Step 10. The system will ask you to verify that your printer is ready. Click OK


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