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Running a Non-Stock Parts Report

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You can run a non-stock parts report listing the number of non-stock parts (by part number) and the dollar value of those non-stock parts. To run this report, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory main menu, select Reports

Step 2. On the Inventory Reports menu, click Returns - Excess - Movement

Step 3. The Excess Stock - Movement menu will open. Select List Non-Stocking Parts 'In Stock.'

Step 4. The system will prompt you to verify that your printer is ready. Select To Printer to print a hardcopy of the report, To Screen to view a PDF of the report on screen, or Export to Excel to save the report as a Microsoft Excel document. 

Step 5. Click Print. The report will be created.


The report will list each non-stock part by part number, bin location, quantity, manufacturer suggested quantity, cost, list price, part description, return code, and number of days since the last stocking and sale for the part.  

On the last page of the report, you'll find the total non-stock part numbers returnable, total non-stock part numbers NOT returnable, and the total non-stock part numbers. Each category lists the total individual part numbers, total quantity of all of the parts in the category, and the cost of those parts. 


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