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Creating a "Ship To" Address for a Counter Slip

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If you enter a shipping address directly on the Ship To tab, the address is saved on the counter ticket only and will not be saved to the wholesale customer's saved Ship To address list. To save a new shipping address for a wholesale customer, you must use the Ship To screen to create a new shipping address.

To add an address to the Ship To address list, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Parts Inventory main menu, select Counter Sales

Step 2. On the Counter Parts Sales screen, type the wholesale customer's customer number in the Customer field to populate the screen with the customer's information. You can also search for the customer by clicking the Customer List button to open a Search Customers pop-up. Click the alphabetical tab corresponding to the first letter of the customer's name and locate the customer in the list that opens. Click the customer's name to populate the Counter Parts Sales screen with the customer information.

Step 3. Click Ship To to the left of the customer's address and phone number. The Ship To fields will open.

Step 4. Click in the Name field to reveal the Ship to List button at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 5. Click the Ship To List button to open the Ship To Addresses pop-up. If ship to addresses have been entered for the wholesale customer, they will be listed on the right side of the Ship to Addresses pop-up.

Step 6. To enter a new ship to address, skip or tab through the Number field. "0000" will appear in this field temporarily. The system will assign the address a number when the address is saved.

Step 7. Enter the shipping address information.

Step 8. Once you enter the phone number, the system saves the address to the list of Ship To addresses on the right side of the screen and adds the address to the counter slip as the Ship To address.



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