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Adding Messages to Repair Orders

Autosoft -

You can easily create messages that will print on the customer's final copy of the repair order. Use the message to convey marketing promotions or encourage customers to schedule regular preventative maintenance. 

Step 1. From the Service Writing main menu, click System Setup

Step 2. Select Miscellaneous Parameters from the System Setup menu. 

Step 3. Click the RO Printing tab at the top of the Miscellaneous Parameters screen to access the parameters that control the printing of repair orders.

Step 4. In the bottom-right of the RO Printing tab, the RO Message box will allow you to create an RO message of up to 90 characters in length using three parallel horizontal fields. Use these fields to type the message you wish to print on the customer copy of all repair orders. Be mindful of the character restrictions.

Step 5. Click Save. The message will print in the lower-left corner of the customer copy of the repair order. It can be changed at any time, but there can only be one message at a time. 


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