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Troubleshooting: Some Cash Receipts Haven't Updated to Accounting

Autosoft -

If you update cash receipts to Accounting and find that some haven't updated, a file or files may be corrupt. To troubleshoot this issue, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Dealership Accounting main menu, click Journal Entries

Step 2. Select View All Active Journal Data from the Journal Entries menu. 

Step 3. Check the Active Journal Data screen for any unposted journals listed under a different Operator ID. If you find unposted journals here, follow your posting process to post them. 

Step 4. To check for any corrupt files, return to the Autosoft DMS startup menu, where you'll select Settings & Utilities.  

Step 5. On the File Utilities & Settings menu, click File Rebuild Utility. The Index Rebuild Utility menu will open.

Step 6. Click Cash Receipts Daily Rental

Step 7. From the list of files that populates the right side of the screen, select Verify All

Step 8. An alert will confirm that you want to verify all files. Select Yes to continue. The system will run through each file, flagging each that's been verified with "Good."

Step 9. If the file was found to be damaged or corrupt, click on AKRCTM.DAT to rebuild the file. 


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