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Creating and Using a Repair Order Default Sublet

Autosoft -

Service Repair Order Default Sublet codes can be established in the Default Sublet Entries screen. 

Step 1. From the Service Writing menu, click System Setup.

Step 2. Select Default Sublet from the System Setup menu. The Default Sublet Entries screen will open. 

Step 3. In the Sublet Code field, enter a code such as TOW for towing charges.

Step 4. If you have specific information for this code and it will be used for a single vendor, enter the information using the remaining fields on the screen.

If the default sublet will be used for multiple vendors, leave the fields blank. They can be entered on individual repair orders.

Step 5. Use the General Ledger fields to enter any specific general ledger accounts that the sublet must be posted to.

Step 6. Click Save.

Step 7. To use the default sublet, while on the Lubricant/Sublet screen (Close Lubricants-Sublet option on Repair Orders menu), click one of the Options buttons at the bottom of the screen. 

Step. 8. The list of default sublets will open in a pop-up. Click on the correct sublet and fill in any required information.


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