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Autosoft DMS 7.4.1 Release (Feb. 20, 2017)

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The 7.4.1 release of Autosoft DMS contains some changes to the Parts module's Master Inventory screen, as well as some process changes for Chrysler dealerships. Several minor bug fixes are also included.


QwikLook functionality added to Master Inventory Record

Benefit:  Easily access view-only pricing information, stocking status, and sales information for a part.

Details:  A QwikLook button has been added to the Master Inventory screen to provide easy access to a part's pricing, stocking status, and sales information. Click the QwikLook button--located conveniently next to the Part number field--to open the QwikLook screen, where you can view a part's detailed information. 


Enhancements made for more efficient Chrysler Warranty claim processing

Benefit:  Processing Chrysler Warranty claims will no longer require the entry of the 3Cs narrative in multiple screens.

Details:  To comply with OEM requirements and eliminate the need for redundant entries, the information entered in the Complaint, Cause, and Cure (3Cs) fields on the Close Service screen for any Chrysler warranty repair orders will now be transferred to the Miscellaneous screen within the Chrysler Warranty application. The Autosoft Chrysler Warranty application will then transmit the 3Cs narratives from the Miscellaneous screen to Chrysler when submitting the warranty data. 

After your dealership downloads Autosoft DMS Release 7.4.1, the progress bar pictured below will display the first time you click to open the Chrysler Warranty application. Please do not interrupt this data restructuring process. It must run completely.

When entering the 3Cs narrative in the Close Service screen, it's imperative that the Complaint, Cause, and Cure text are placed in their respective fields to ensure the proper transfer of data to the Chrysler Warranty application. (See the image below.)

When you open the Chrysler Warranty application, click Review Claims and select a warranty repair order from the Review WR/O's for Download screen that opens. 

The Vehicle Information screen will open for the warranty repair order, displaying the basic data repair order details. Click the Miscellaneous button in the lower-right corner of the screen. 

The Miscellaneous screen will open, displaying the 3Cs information. Verify the data and continue the warranty process as usual. 



Other Updates

Desk Manager

  • An issue has been resolved that was locking up the Desk Manager application. 


  • We've made changes that will ensure the date will auto-populate on the Counter Parts Sales screen. 
  • Modifications have been made to ensure that special order parts with recorded lost sales are being stocked into the special order parts bin rather than lost sales.
  • Updates have been made to ensure the QwikLook and Clear buttons works correctly when dumping parts to a quote.


  • We've resolved an issue that was causing an error to occur for users printing FUTA/SUTA or FICA/Medicare reports. 
  • Changes have been made to ensure the correct year is displaying in the pop-up that opens when payroll is closed. 

Report Generator

  • Modifications have been made to ensure users can access the Report Generator by entering their global password.


  • An issue has been addressed to ensure that repair order lines with more than one technician display and print properly.
  • An adjustment has been made to improve the printing of Accounting copies of repair orders from the Repair Order History screen. 
  • Wording has been changed on repair orders that are reprinted from the Repair Order History screen. What read "Cash" at the bottom of the repair order or invoice now reads "Total Due."
  • We've resolved an issue that was preventing the Customer Memo box from automatically opening on the Start Repair Order screen when a repair order is started in and transferred from wiADVISOR. 
  • Changes have been made to ensure that appointments are removed from the Service Schedule application's schedule when the prewrite is deleted from the Service Schedule application's schedule or the DMS's Prewrites screen. 
  • An update has been made to improve the performance of the Action column in the Service Schedule application's Details screen. 
  • Modifications have improved the performance of the View Only appointment view in the Service Schedule application to ensure appointment and prewrite data is not overwritten or edited. 
  • Improvements have been made to the data transfer between the Service Schedule application and its Web appointment integration. 
  • Updates to Service Schedule have improved the displaying and labeling of appointment listings on the schedule screen. 
  • Adjustments have been made to improve the performance of the expanded service passwords pertaining to the Service Schedule application. Unchecking the Scheduling option on the Operator Service Passwords screen will prevent the user from accessing Service Schedule through the Scheduling button on the Service Writing menu or through the Service Schedule button on repair order screens.



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