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Service Schedule Conversion Videos

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The Service Schedule application is a quick scheduler that allows you to schedule appointments from any repair order screen. At the time of scheduling, you create a prewrite that can be pulled to a repair order when the customer arrives for service.

These videos will show you how to convert from Schedule Xpress to Service Schedule.  After you've made the conversion, view the Service Schedule Integration Videos to learn how to use the Service Schedule.

  • You can either convert the schedule to display appointments by full quoted time or as single 15-minute cells.
  • If you organize your schedule by service advisor, you may want to use the 15-minute cells (watch video Option A).
  • If you organize your schedule based on technician, displaying appointments by full quoted time will work best for you. (Watch Option B to learn how to use custom columns or Option C for using technician columns to organize your schedule based on technician time.)

Watch the appropriate conversion video/s all the way through and read the Service Schedule Conversion Manual in its entirety before beginning the conversion process—once you complete the conversion, you cannot return to Schedule Xpress or change the way in which appointments are displayed. When finished, review the Service Schedule User Guide (link below) to learn how to use the Service Schedule application.


Option A: Scheduling By Service Advisor

Option B: Scheduling By Technician (Custom Columns)

Option C: Scheduling By Technician (Tech Columns)




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